Collective Energy Reading – 9th of August, 2020


This reading applies for 7 days until Sunday, 16th of August 2020.

Please read the starter guide to get an overview of the intent of this reading and how to use it in your personal life. 

The energies playing out in the collective body of humanity suggest that we are on the path to victory over the mental structures (thoughts, ideas, beliefs) that had once restricted us. We’re aware that we are in the final stages of a grand cycle and accept, at least theoretically, that we’re in the midst of change. The rapidly shifting sands  are creating equal changes in how we view ourselves. Whilst challenging to fix intent in one direction, it is the lesson we’re now learning; that is, learning to create in the midst of chaos. We are surrendering to a pain we seem to have no control over and are readying ourselves for an impending transformation of how we connect with others. The heart is in pain, but it is not suffering. In fact, we are being forced to surrender against our will. The work here will be about using that energy of surrender to feel into the pain. That surrender is the precursor to the experience of love.

Our capacity to focus on a particular path, or indeed act, is drowned by a sense of disappointment born out of disillusionment, loss of passion as we cling to the rubble of the past. We are feeling robbed and cheated out of our ability to move or create. We are bound by shadows we do not want to face. To clear this energy, we need to remember that our power to act is available as soon as we recognize we even have it! We need to unleash the inner Mage in its raw form. This means having clear intent. Intent is the seed from which a mighty tree can grow. Farmers understand magic more than anyone. They sow a seed in the ground, and trust that if they do the work required, the seed will grow. They have faith in the cycles of life, which in large part are out of their personal control. A seed will only grow when the conditions are right. The farmer does their best to provide them and lets nature take its course.

The suggestion here is that awakening the power of intention, and remembering that YOUR vision is worthy, will allow movement again. Let go of the restrictions placed on your capacity to dream your ideal life.  If you don’t have a dream of your own, you’ll be living out someone else’s…

The emptiness and lack of pleasure we feel comes from a sense of mental overload that creates fear, which collectively we’re dealing with through greed. Whilst seemingly unrelated, the solution here is to develop our courage. This does not mean fighting others, that’s the path of the Blood Warrior. The path of the Spiritual Warrior is one that requires courage in facing one’s OWN demons. Hell, if you’re stuck at home you may as well!

We need to focus on the Feminine aspects of life (dance, art, spirituality, meditation, creativity, grounding) as our stability is currently held hostage by a dangerous aspect of our thinking that seeks to blind us to where we are chained.

In all, the collective body of humanity has the right idea, the right direction but is in a deep process of clearing and surrender. We would do well to assist this process by increasing our focus on the feminine and having the courage to go deep within and face our shadows. This is only possible when we are able to still ourselves and learn to BE, sans distractions. Our view of ourselves is changing. We are rediscovering our courage and learning to harness chaos and direct that energy into a new vision. It is indeed the best time to dream a new world into being…

Let’s start with the good news: the 7th chakra, our portal to the heavens and the place from which we reach out to any number of destiny lines has the 6 of Wands – Victory. This suggests that the destiny line we are currently on is one of victory, as if a battle had already been won. To clarify, the specific battle referred to involves the Princess of Swords, and that is to do with breaking down of old mental structures that had hitherto defined us. We’re on a path of truth and clarity, calling things out as thy are, and taking no prisoners in the process. We will emerge victorious.

That is the path we are on. Now to the business of walking it!

In the 6th Chakra, we are faced with the final card of the major arcana- The Universe. The Third eye governs our mind and thinking. It also governs our ability to truly know that we are each of us, in fact, God playing a game called your life. 

As such, our minds clearly see that the current game is now ending, it is in its final stages. We are readying ourselves mentally for the beginning of a new cycle, a new game, a new adventure. 

No great surprises there! 

In the 5th Chakra, we have the 2 of Disks, signifying change at the material level. The 5th chakra is about self knowledge, expression of our feelings and thoughts. It is about clear intent, and the faith required to see that intent materialized. Faith is ordering a meal in a restaurant and knowing that eventually, it will arrive. Annoying the waiter every 2 minutes serves no one 🙂

What we say and how we express ourselves, and indeed how we VIEW ourselves, is now changing. It may be difficult to have clear intent in the midst of all of these changes. But that does not make it impossible. Think of it as the next level of being. Prior to  current events, we could intend and express in relative peace. Now we have to learn to do that in the midst of chaos.

Don’t be alarmed at the chaos. It is powerful feminine energy, and if you can harvest and direct at least some of it into a new creation, you’ll have cleared this stage of the journey.

Now things get a little tricky as the collective heart of humanity is in pain – The Hanged Man. The heart is about connectedness, love, freedom and compassion. Currently, the Collective Heart Chakra is restricted, unable to move. Ironically, that pain is precisely what is needed to liberate the heart. The Hanged Man is about Surrender, and surrender is ultimately the function of the heart chakra. We are now learning to surrender to the pain of separation imposed by external forces.

We will suffer if we try to make the pain go away. Look closely at the Hanged Man – he is unable to move, upside down AND nailed to a tree, and yet he doesn’t appear bothered by this. That is surrender – feeling the pain and not railing against it. We are learning this most difficult lesson, but it is indeed the path to an open heart. So, feel your pain, and don’t hide from it. The Hanged Man appears fixated on the Serpent of Transformation at the bottom of the card, readying himself for the Death of his old self, shortly to come. Soon, we will need to let go of the old way of connecting, whether that is to others, the Earth and all Her creatures, or Cosmic forces.


The Solar Plexus is the house of the masculine within our being. The masculine doesn’t refer to a gender role, but rather our ability to focus on tasks at hand, move forward, and get up when we fall. It is about our energy levels, and about our relationship to ourselves. Currently, the urge to move forward is mired in  feelings of Disappointment (5 of Cups). That particular card indicates the feelings that come up when an illusion is broken. No more business as usual. Our actions are inhibited by the sense of betrayal at the realization that we can’t live the way we always had. This card indicates a withdrawal from action and possible self-enforced isolation. 

That self-enforced withdrawal as a reaction to disappointment makes us liable to accepting imposed separation mandates by external forces.

Given the nature of the card, I asked what is underneath it. The following cards (left to right) were all reversed until finally the solution emerged (the Magician).

Underlying the energy of disappointment is a fear that we will never regain our innocence and passion for life, growing cold in the process (Princess of Wands, reversed). There is also a sense of blind destruction, and unlike the acceptance of change at a theoretical level (2 of Disks- Throat chakra; The Universe- Third Eye), we may actively be holding on to the old structures that need to be broken down as part of our evolution (The Tower, reversed). There is a sense of having been robbed , cheated and tricked (7 of Swords, reversed) with no recourse for recovering what was lost. To top it off, the solar plexus is held hostage by The Devil (reversed) suggesting that our power is locked due to an inability to face our shadows WITHIN. We seem to be collectively engaged in trying to fix these shadows in others…

The solution to clearing this is The Magician. We need to REMEMBER (remember, remember, pleaaase REMEMBER) that you have at your disposal ALL the elements that you need to create. The Magician is the Cosmic Masculine in raw form. We need to find that ability within ourselves. The Magician speaks His intent, casts spells if you like, out into the ether and has faith that the seeds he casts will take hold, somehow, somewhere.

YOUR power of intent is ready to be used as soon as you recognize you even have it.

Please, remember!


In the Sacral Chakra, the house of sensual pleasure and creativity in all its forms, we are feeling empty (10 of cups, reversed). It’s as if nothing can make us happy, and nothing is nourishing. Underlying that is a feeling of defeat when it comes to our thinking – the mind is overloaded, and there’s likely treachery in the air (5 of Swords, reversed). That naturally brings up fear. And so we’re liable to act greedily (10 of Disks, reversed) and not share our resources in an attempt to assuage the fear.

The solution? COURAGE (7 of Wands, Valour)!  We will not be able to express courage in the world unless we learn to feel courageous within. What is it that you are afraid of dealing with INTERNALLY? Is it loss of a job? Loss of your home? Loss of your life? Courage means facing these feelings without trying to make them go away. The only way out is through. This is the way of the Spiritual Warrior. When we walk that path, we will not need to fight on the 3D plane. The exercise of facing our shadows or fears naturally creates the kind of energetic boundaries that make the Spiritual Warrior no longer a target of violence or oppression.

A lion doesn’t need to lord it over others, threaten them or demonstrate its power. It just “lions”. It’s a rare animal indeed that would dare poke it to see if it will bite 😉


In the Base chakra, the home of the feminine within our being, we again we have the theme of trickery, harshness and even maliciousness (Prince of Swords, reversed). I get the sense that whatever chains are binding the feminine are impossible to see in the fog of destruction thrown up by the Shadow aspect of the Prince of Swords. So, the areas that the Base chakra governs (stability, safety, connection to the body and earth, receptivity and elimination of waste) are bound by destructive aspect of the mind.

The solution gave me a chuckle: The Empress – the card most representative of the Base Chakra. The Empress is the divine feminine expressed on our material plane. It is Mother Earth. So, the solution requires you to actively connect with the Earth. Ground yourself. Engage in activities to support the feminine (dance, art, creative endeavours). Still the mind by focusing on the body. Do yoga if possible. Walk. Exercise. Get out of your head. Meditate. Sit still and observe nature with no aim other than to just BE.



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    I got so many lightbulbs going off in my head as I read this. Thank you for this wisdom and beautiful insight ❤️

    1. Sherif Tawfilis

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    I got so many lightbulbs going off in my head as I read this. Thank you for this wisdom and beautiful insight ❤️

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