What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is an ancient spiritual practice whose practitioners transcend ordinary reality…

Dr. Sherif Tawfilis

I am a qualified research scientist, hypnotherapist and shamanic healing practitioner…

Shamanic Energy Medicine

In my practice, I treat a vast variety of people for an equally vast variety of concerns…

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Crystallized or fluid (entities) energy extraction is often necessary to addressing anger, fear, brain fog, anxiety as well as chronic health conditions. This work allows healing multiple levels… read more

Soul Retrieval...

Through Trauma, we lose parts of ourselves in an attempt to remain safe and alive. Soul Retrieval brings back energy lost in this life or past lives. N.B Previous extraction/illumination required… read more

Cord Cutting...

This work releases heavy attachments and dependencies we often create to loved ones, or former friends/partners/family members etc. This frees both parties to live their highest destinies… read more

Destiny Retrieval...

Whilst all shamanic work helps you get back into alignment with your purpose, destiny retrieval  empowers you with the energy needed to do what you came here to do… read more

Bands of Power...

This is a profoundly useful tool for people in the healing arts, or who feel they are constantly drained by others around them …
read more

Tarot and Divination...

Divination is a proactive process whereby you not only seek answers to questions you’d asked, but also participate in changing the outcome… read more

Shamanic Hypnotherapy...

Together, Shamanic Energy Medicine and Hypnotherapy are a powerful combination for creating change at multiple levels…
read more

Life Coaching...

My significant experience in leadership roles (Click here for Linkedin profile) helped me develop strategies to empower people to take control of their lives…
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Shamanic Energy Medicine

In the Inka shamanic traditions there are no “bad” energies. There are only energies that are “light,” and so support life, and energies that are “heavy,” which cannot be digested.

Sherif Tawfilis

I am a qualified research scientist, hypnotherapist and shamanic healing practitioner.


Shamanic Healing Practitioner

Healing The Light Body School, Chile


Clinical Hypnotherapist

Australian College of Hypnotherapy, Sydney, Australia


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapist

Dolores Cannon QHHT Academy



Department of Molecular Microbiology
Biozentrum der Universitat, Basel, Switzerland


BSc (Hons)

The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
The University of Melbourne, Australia


Bsc (Biomedical)

Monash University, Melbourne, Australia


Contact Info

130 Nicholson St. Brunswick, VIC 3057
Phone: 0410 739 412