A Cleansing Fire- 16th of August, 2020


This reading applies for 21 days until Sunday, 6th of September 2020.

Please read the starter guide to get an overview of the intent of this reading and how to use it in your personal life. Also look at earlier readings to get an idea of our progress as we transform in who we are becoming. 

The focus of the next three weeks for the collective will be deep self reflection to find and regain emotional harmony and peace. The process will require us to actively face our shadows, and not just “understand” them mentally, but go into their emotional component.


What beckons us from the future now is a vision of material comfort and growth after a long and arduous journey. The collective has revolution on its mind, and we are looking for ways to innovate for the good of all. At least in theory…!


Even with that vision and revolutionary new ideas emerging, we are still finding it difficult to create a strategy for a new life. The process of drawing up that strategy can be referred to as Alchemy. In the cauldron currently are elements of defeat, betrayal, coldness and an inability to decide on a direction. This needs a cleansing fire! We are being invited to have uncomfortable conversations and clearly express ourselves. It is through this that we will reclaim our ability to design our lives.


The collective Heart of humanity is now ready to manifest Love. It is ready to accept all, judging none as unworthy or undeserving…. starting first of all within ourselves. This is a powerful Energy that will see us through the many shadowy aspects of the journey ahead in the coming three weeks.


It can be difficult to find motivation in facing our shadows, especially when it comes to figuring out where we are deceiving ourselves, or indeed being deceived. Where does one even begin when it’s so dark? If you find yourself feeling that way, know that this work is important as the journey into the darkness almost always leads one to light. In this case, the light expected is of inspiration to move forward.


There’s a lot of anxiety about the current crisis, leaving us clinging to the rubble of the past. We are feeling exhausted, avoidant, with our minds busily trying to figure out which aspects of what had collapsed can be greeted with a hearty “good riddance”. We will need to commit to what is happening NOW and observe it with the eyes of Lovers embarking on a life together. It’s a dramatic shift from clinging to what was, or fear of what may come. We are being invited to find our safety within, rather than depend on external circumstances.


In all, there is a sense of “head down, bum up” about the collective at present. There is a seriousness and willingness to do the work, even if we don’t quite know how. As a collective, we are blessed to be focused on manifesting Love. Love is about integrating all aspects of ourselves, individually and as a collective, without value judgments. This brings us back to wholeness, and heals the divides that create so much suffering. Perhaps that is the Revolution we need to have…!



The main focus for this period for the next three weeks is DEEP self knowledge and reflection as indicated by the Queen of Cups. We are collectively engaged in a process of inner exploration of our emotions with the aim of reaching transparency, peace and emotional stability.

This requires us to notice when we are reacting and rather than blame the event eliciting the reaction, take responsibility for the emotion. This process allows us to take charge of our emotional state and offers the opportunity to heal whatever it was at the root of the reaction.

If nothing else, the Queen of Cups is about transparency with ourselves, especially in regards to our emotions. 

The more we come to know our emotions and triggers, the clearer we become. In shamanism, that is known as invisibility. When one clearly sees their emotions and how they play out in response to external circumstances, one becomes familiar with one’s shadow and is less likely to meet it in the world. The more familiar we are with the shadow aspects of our emotions, the harder it is to be affected by external circumstances.

This is about reclaiming one’s sovereignty over one’s emotional space.


At the Crown chakra, we are reaching out to a destiny that has a feminine, even matriarchal, quality. The Queen of Disks indicates warmth, rest and enjoyment of material growth and wealth after a long period of drought. We are aware that achievement of our goals requires effort, sometimes without external support.



We are being drawn into a future hallmarked by the light aspects of the feminine – nurturing, warmth, practicality and earthy intuition. It would appear that we have emerged victorious from the battle against our limiting ideas and beliefs (see Sunday, 9th of August reading) and are now heading towards a future of growth.



Take advantage of this energy by looking for a future for yourself where you are successful in your endeavours, and can finally rest after a difficult journey.



Practice dreaming!  


In the last reading, the collective mind was focused on the final stages of a grand cycle we had been living through. There is now a burst of mental energy signified by the Knight of Wands. We are ready to receive inspiration AND think of how we might want to act on it.

The collective mind is now looking for innovative new ways forward for ALL. This fiery mental energy will be with us for the next three weeks, and it will be important to give attention to how it is you might want to revolutionise your life.

What can you do differently?

What aspects of your life need innovation?

What areas in your life need you to take charge of and lead?

What are you confident in and how can you share that with others?

Alchemy Reclaimed


A main function of the throat chakra is the merging of the various elements of the ego self (Emotions – water; Inspiration/Action – fire; Thoughts/Beliefs – air; and Practicality -earth) into a new seed of creation. This is the definition of Alchemy.

This Alchemy produces a seed that is something akin to a blueprint, or strategy, for your life. As the cosmos is always conspiring on your behalf, the strategy attracts to it actions or events needed to manifest it fully.

The process of Alchemy is currently interrupted (Art, reversed). We don’t know how to begin connecting and feeling in a new way (Ace of Cups, reversed). This “cold” energy is partly influenced by a resistance to going deep within to find one’s own unique gifts (Princess of Cups, reversed). Importantly, there is a sense of betrayal, or even a stealth attack, by an unknown source (5 of Swords, reversed) that brings in an energy of defeat. This combination makes it difficult for us to move forward (2 of Wands, reversed), as the path is not clear, hidden by an emotional fog.

The way to resolving this bind on throat chakra is clear communication and sudden action (8 of Wands). It will be important to have these “uncomfortable” discussions you really would rather not have and clearly state your position. This is not about bending others to your will. This is about stating YOUR position, clearly, succinctly and quickly. This approach will naturally generate movement in locked situations, especially those pertaining to the areas outlined above.

It’s important to note that this skill of clear communication will move us very far, very quickly, but also for a limited period of time. Think of it as the “turbo charge” button on regaining the alchemical function of your throat Chakra.

What uncomfortable conversations need to be had?

Where can you express yourself and position more clearly?


Manifesting Love

Unlike the heart pain we were learning to surrender to over the last 7 days (see reading on the 9th of August) , we now appear to have emerged ready to manifest love (The Magus/Magician). The Magician is the reminder that whatever we intend on, we can manifest; and in the domain of the Heart Chakra, that means Love. With a capital L!

Perhaps another word for Love is Compassion, and that is the recognition that ALL beings have their purpose irrespective of their ethics, or lack thereof. All beings have their journey, and all beings are connected in a grand dance of creation.

That includes you! And also all the parts of yourself you’re ashamed of, unhappy with, and would rather go away. You want Love in the world? Treat yourself to it first, and then you’ll be a living example to others.

It is the practice of this knowledge that frees the heart from judgement and separation, in the absence of which there is only Love.

Over the next 3 weeks, we have the capacity to manifest a deep Love for all creation, even the bits of it hard to like. Take the chance to hold yourself, and all your foibles, in compassion.

Ask yourself : What aspects of myself have I judged harshly? What are the lessons I learnt from these aspects? Can I accept that it was the best I could do with what I had?

If you want to create Love in the world, create it first within. More than any other chakra, the energy held within the heart has a powerful impact on reality. I’ll let the good people at the Heart Math Institute explain this to you 🙂

Inspiration from Shadow


In the last reading, the collective solar plexus (the house of the masculine within our being) was held hostage by disappointment, a sense of futility, coldness, withdrawal and a projection of shadow out and onto others. This denoted a lack of responsibility for our actions, and so we were looking for a scapegoat to pin it on.

Having recently completed that stage, we seem to be taking a collective plunge into the shadowy world of the subconscious, asking ourselves where we are being deceived or indeed, where we are deceiving ourselves. Whilst we’re a little bit lost in that world at present, (The Moon, reversed), and don’t quite know where to start (The fool, reversed), at least we’re there.

Progress at last…!

I feel that over the next 3 weeks, we will discover a hidden light within us (Ace of Wands). It will be so clear against the backdrop of darkness that we won’t miss it. The Ace of Wands promises a breakthrough that will restore the motivation to move forward in life.

The best thing to do at this stage is continue looking at your individual contribution to the collective shadow processing through the solar plexus. The shadows in this space pertain to shame and guilt, unhealthy power dynamics, toxic actions and inaction.

Knowing that your time in the shadow realms is aimed at finding a hidden light puts an entirely different complexion on this experience.

Now you know the reason for being there.

The deeper the darkness you encounter, the brighter the light you will find.



The energy processing through the collective Sacral Chakra is one of anxiety due to disruptive change in our everyday life (5 of Disks, reversed). We are not only afraid of the crisis at hand, but are also anxious about further crises in the future.

The solution here is to devote oneself to finding harmony and accepting differences and change (The Lovers). The Lovers is about commitment to a new path, a sacred marriage as it were, that marks the end of the old and the beginning of the new.

The invitation here is to turn the anxiety and fear about the future into the same excitement one feels at the beginning of a new relationship. Whilst the sacral chakra likes sensual pleasures for the “hell of it”, the energy of the Lovers invites us to transcend personal desire and devote ourselves to a particular path. This liberates the energy stuck in anxiety allowing it to be used for growth and harmony.

On another level, the Lovers card invites us to have a sacred union within. This is the marriage between the masculine (focus, power, movement, confidence, structure) and the feminine (stillness, creativity, spirituality, nurturing). A successful union within allows us to support ourselves through the deep transformation we’re undergoing as a collective.

Fearless Independence


OK, we’re not especially stable right now. It doesn’t take a psychic or Tarot reader to figure this one out. Nevertheless, it’s important to know that our sense of stability and safety is compromised as a collective. We have all, as individuals, experienced this in the microcosm of our lives. Now that is coming up for collective release.

We are clinging to the rubble of the past sense of safety and refusing to let it go (The Tower, reversed). There is a sense of being bullied and an urge to maintain safety by avoiding conflict altogether (5 of Wands, reversed). We are emotionally exhausted and find little pleasure in our lives, and so have little to give others in any concrete way (8 of Cups). This is feels like the dark night of the soul.

And so we turn inwards…

… only to discover the mind is chaotically trying to tear down the old sacred cows  that we thought were inviolable (Princess of Swords, reversed). This means we are questioning the ideas and beliefs regarding who we can trust and what actually allows us to feel safe. The process is not clean, and so it’s not clear whether what has come crashing down is good or not.

Consequently, our projects are left unfinished (4 of Wands, reversed) resulting in a sense of Failure in our endeavours (7 of Disks), and potentially calling into question the benefits of our projects to begin with.

Some heavy energies indeed…

But I’m quite positive nonetheless! I see a lot of energies that were contaminating the upper chakras in last week’s reading finally going into the Root chakra, which is responsible for elimination of waste. From that perspective, all these heavy energies are in the right place to be released.

To assist in the elimination of these energies, The Queen of Wands invites you to master your fears and become fiercely independent. The placement of the Queen of Wands here is interesting as the Base Chakra has imprints of early childhood, a time when we learn who to be dependent on and who we can trust. In both cases, we begin by first attaching to the mother figure, and subsequently to the tribe we were born into. The base chakra is the foundation we build the rest of our lives on. 

The Queen of Wands beckons you to find and develop the Spiritual Mother within, rather than seeking that Mother figure in the outside world. The Queen of Wands is deeply passionate and has pride in her achievements. She knows the hard work it took to master her fears, and that it was through grace and wisdom that she could attain this exalted state. And so she can share her achievements, insight and warmth with others.

To resolve the heaviness in the collective Base chakra, look to where you are still dependent on others for your material well being and survival, as well as your sense of safety and trust. Begin the process of sourcing your safety and stability from within. Be proud of your former achievements.

Coax the Queen of Wands into your life by asking yourself:

What have I successfully achieved in the past? Remember that.

How have I extracted myself out of unhealthy situations? Remember that.

When have I felt grace in my life? What did it feel like? Remember that.

Who or what am I dependent on to feel safe? How can I find that within myself?



  1. Doralinda Giudici

    ThankYou Kindly, this reading is so useful and resonate with me on many levels💚 it s helping me to rise and have eagleview over this moment and time🙏

  2. Moz Holmes

    This reading both deeply insightful, and bursting with little pearls.
    So worth the read, I want more please

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