Shamanic Hypnotherapy

My passion for the healing arts started with my earning a government accredited diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the Australian College of Hypnotherapy. Whereas Shamanic Energy upgrades the quality of your luminous field, Hypnotherapy helps the mind catch up with the  energetic changes so that your healing is faster and more complete.

In a sense, shamanic healing is about removing the energies that feed toxic and self defeating beliefs. Often the beliefs just disappear over time as their food source (the toxic energy) is gone.  Hypnotherapy simply speeds this process up and uncovers unconscious resources that were blocked or hidden in the past.

These resources can take the symbolic form of teachers, power animals, gifts and maps to navigate the new terrain uncovered through your healing work.

Together, Shamanic Energy Medicine and Hypnotherapy are a powerful combination for creating change at multiple levels.

Helpful with: Power animals, teaching spirits, mental realisations, mental mapping, integration