How much is a session?
$185 for a 1.5hr session

How long is a session?
Approx . 1.5 hrs

How do I prepare?
Give some thought to what you’d like to get out of the session (e.g. i want to feel peaceful, i need to forgive x , etc.)
Ideally, avoid alcohol and red meat for 3 days prior to the session.

How will I feel after the session?
It varies and it depends on what you’re presenting with. Typically, most people feel relieved when they let go of the dense energy they came to release. However, this is a healing process and the work can release pent up emotions. I’ll talk to you more during the session about good after care practices.

What do i need to do after the session?
That depends on your unique situation. Ideally, make sure you’ll have time to process your experience. Avoid busy or loud environments for a day or two and take some time in nature if possible. 

How many sessions do I need?
For most clients, I recommend 3 sessions about 3-4 weeks apart. This allows processing on your part and stabilisation of your energy so that we can continue the work on a firm foundation. This approach has been very successful and gives a more rounded outcome as we work with several modalities and techniques to clear the problem at multiple levels. After the 3rd session, you can come back whenever you wish to address other concerns.

I don’t know which service to book. How do I select the session I need?
You don’t need to select the service. The type of service provided is determined during our discussion at the start of the session. Advanced practices such as soul or destiny retrieval require at least 2 or 3 extraction sessions to ensure there’s enough space in your system to hold and properly integrate that energy.

Is there parking?
The practice is close to a carpark just a block up on Stewart st.

Where are you located?

Shamanic Energy Medicine
130 Nicholson St, Brunswick East VIC 3057

The practice is opposite the last stop on the 96 tram line to Brunswick East.

Do you offer discounted rates for pensioners, unemployed persons or students?
Yes, this is done on an as needed basis and after discussion. Please email or call me to discuss. 

How do I pay?
To secure the booking, you need to pay the deposit of $85 by card. You can pay the rest in cash or by card on the day of the session. Please note that CC payments attract an additional surcharge of $1.70. 

What happens if I can’t make the session?

I understand that unforeseen circumstances may make it difficult for you to make your scheduled appointment. Due to high demand on my time, I’ve designed the following cancellation policy to ensure a fair outcome for you, me and other clients who may take advantage of the time slot you cannot make.

No show

If you forget your appointment or cancel on the day, the full deposit of $85 will not be refunded.

Cancellation/rescheduling 1-3 days prior to your appointment

a) Full refund of deposit if session is booked by another client

b) $25 charge if rescheduled to another time but your original time slot remains open (refund will be given at your next session)

c) $50 charge if you did not reschedule and your original time slot remains open


Cancellation/rescheduling more than 3 days prior to your appointment 

a) Full refund on your deposit if you wish to completely cancel. This will be refunded to your bank account.

b) Transfer of your deposit to your chosen time slot at a later date. Simply review my schedule and email me your preferred time slot and I will move it manually.

What payment methods do you accept ?
On the day of your session, you can pay the balance in cash or by credit card (VISA and Mastercard only; additional surcharge of $1.70 applies). EFTPOS is not accepted.

Do you have Skype sessions?
Yes, if you’re interstate or living out of Melbourne i can see you over Skype. The session duration and Price are still the same.You can select this option during the booking process. 

What happens during the session?
The session starts with a brief chat to get an idea about your circumstances, how you’re feeling and what you’d like to address. I’ll then explain how shamanic healing works and how it relates/differs to the Western Medical/Psychological framework. We then move to the energy work where you’ll be lying down and getting into your experience. After that part, we’ll have a chat to discuss any questions you have or insights you may have had during the session. We’ll end the session with a discussion of any after care practices that would assist you with integrating the work.

I need a Soul Retrieval and I need it NOW!

Soul retrieval is a delicate art and in my experience it is best approached when there is sufficient space in your system to hold the retrieved soul energy. The experience of feeling that you’ve “lost yourself” is interpreted shamanically as having lost a part of your power or soul. That is what soul retrieval is about: bringing that part of you back so you can feel whole again. 

Rest assured that if you’re on planet Earth, you have a soul!   
In order for soul retrieval to be effective, between 3-4 clearing sessions (1 month between sessions) are required prior to the soul retrieval session. These sessions often focus on clearing dense and stuck energies in the lower 3 chakras where we typically store imprints of trauma.
It’s a little like deleting old corrupt files from your hard drive so you can download something new in their place. These old “files” are the mechanisms we use in lieu of the soul part or power. They also include all manner of secondary traumas and difficulties based on the initial traumatic event that caused the soul part to leave in the first place. 
If soul retrieval is done too soon (i.e. the old corrupt files are not deleted first), then it may not hold. Have you ever tried downloading a movie on a full hard drive? 
Occasionally, the soul power will stay, even in the midst of all the old mechanisms. But that will create strong cognitive dissonance and make the post session integration experience extremely difficult. In 6 years of experience, I’ve found the methodical and pragmatic “step by step” approach to be most successful.