Core Shamanism I

2nd of November, 2019

This workshop is focused on showing you how to Integrate shamanic techniques and wisdom in your life. It draws heavily on Andean Shamanism as maintained by the Q’ero Ancient Wisdom Keepers of Peru.

You will learn the basic concepts of shamanism and energy medicine, the shamanic concept of health and dis-ease as well as several core practices you can use to assist your clients or loved ones on their healing journeys.

This workshop is designed to empower YOU to take these practices into your daily life so you can dream a new reality into being!

Here are some of the areas we’ll work through on the day:

  • Shamanism and direct experience
  • Consciousness and the Scientific materialist paradigm
  • The 4 directions and creative principles of the cosmos
  • Andean Cosmology
  • Creating Sacred space
  • The Luminous Energy Field (LEF or aura) and how to cleanse it
  • Anatomy of the Luminous field and chakra system
  • Changing perceptual states
  • Decoupling (switching off the fight of flight response)
  • Dealing with anxiety
  • Shamanic journeying to retrieve a power animal
  • Holding space for another and listening with intent

…if you’ve ever been curious about Shamanism or Shamanic healing.

This workshop will give you a solid foundation in core shamanic wisdom and practices.

No previous experience with Shamanism or Energy healing is required to attend this workshop.

The investment in this workshop is $290 per person.

A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required by Friday, 25th of October 2019 to secure your spot, with the balance due on the day of the workshop in cash.

Vegetarian catering, healthy snacks and beverages will be provided (included in the price) for the whole day.

At a peaceful location, and surrounded by old River Red Gums, the workshop will be held at  Vine and Branches Personal Growth Center ( 27 Bonds, Road, Lower Plenty VIC 3093

The workshop will start at 9 AM and finish at 8 PM.

Though not essential, ideally refrain from drinking alcohol or eating animal/bird meat (seafood is OK) for at least 3 full days prior to the workshop. This will allow you to achieve deeper healing.

Set a clear intention for the workshop. Summarize it in 3 words if you can and bring them with you on the day (e.g. Love, compassion, healing). This will focus your energy in a new direction and allow the circle we create to hold great power.

Bring an object you will charge with the medicine you gain on the day. This object will become sacred and an essential tool for your medicine bag in future.

The Q’ero are a simple people and they typically use stones to hold their medicine. But you can bring small statues, or sacred objects to charge with that medicine.

Also bring a journal, pen, eye mask for journeying, and your favourite cushion/blanket