When  negative beliefs or fears remain with us for too long, they crystallise in our energetic field, blocking vitality and vision. Typically this is the case if you feel weighed down or stuck, or are suffering from chronic health conditions.

At a physical level, these beliefs can manifest as chronic health conditions – e.g. swelling, heart problems, localised pain, etc. Often, and regardless of what physical medicines are thrown at the complaint, it inexplicably continues to return. Shamanically speaking, this happens when the energy associated with the belief is not cleared at the early stages of expression. Not unlike a snowball hurtling down a mountain, it gathers more and more material until it becomes a sizable menace.

At a mythic level, people may experience these energies as an incessant voice in their head, terrible irrational fears, depression, negative beings that appear in dreams or in extreme cases, even in waking reality. These “fluid” energies are considered intrusive entities that feed like parasites on their host’s vital energy.

Extraction removes these energies and expands your sense of lightness and freedom, paving the way for a new experience.

Helpful in treating : chronic health conditions, fears, anxieties, schizophrenia, nervousness, anger, depression , brain-fog, feelings of blockage/heaviness

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