Collective Energy Reading – Starter Guide

This blog gives you the basic information needed to make sense of the Collective Energy Readings.

Each reading relates to the collective body of humanity. We are ultimately connected, ever sharing information with one another even without conscious awareness. I perceive each one of us as a single node in a vast web of light that is the body of humanity. Each blog will have a readout on that body’s Chakras, and time period for which the reading is applicable. The aim is to help us identify energetic blockages in the collective, as well as suggestions to resolve them.

As we each do our part in resolving these blockages at a personal level, the collective will shift to accommodate these changes. It’s a little like the 100th Monkey Phenomenon! A more enlightened view is given by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake in his Theory of Morphic Resonance.

Doing your personal work is the best gift you can give humanity.

I won’t focus on the function of each Chakra in these blogs, but where relevant I will give a brief description to set the stage. I would encourage you to spend time learning about your energy body and the Chakra system. This knowledge will empower you to take charge of your life and focus on areas that need healing.

You can find more information about the chakra system by following the links below

0) Chakra Overview 

1) Base Chakra 

2) Sacral Chakra  

3) Solar Plexus 

4) Heart Chakra 

5) Throat Chakra 

6) Third Eye

7) Crown Chakra

8) The Luminous Energy Field (LEF/Aura) and here

To make use of these readings, look to see what themes apply to you and explore the suggested solutions. The first part of each blog is a summary and gives you a birds-eye

view of the collective. This is followed by a detailed reading for those wishing to delve more deeply into these themes.

May this tool be useful to you in reclaiming your power to create a life full of joy, for you and the next generation!




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