Rainbow Jaguar – 11th of october, 2020


This reading applies for 3 Weeks until Sunday, 1st of November, 2020.

Please read the starter guide to get an overview of the intent of this reading and how to use it in your personal life. Also look at earlier readings to get an idea of our progress as we transform in who we are becoming.

It occurs to me to highlight the fact that this reading, and in my opinion any such reading, is given from the reader’s own perspective. Think of it as a map of the collective territory from my perspective and what I’m tuning into. In it I outline the risks and difficulties I see, as well as the many opportunities available for growth. This report can be used as either a set of binoculars or as a microscope, depending on your need over the coming weeks.


The Rainbow Jaguar

A quick recap of the work of the last 5 weeks : All of our attention was focused on the grunt work of navigating a space with no signposts, trudging through some heavy emotions. We realized that we had to give active attention to our everyday reality and experience, without longing for or embarking on any heroic or exciting adventures. We accepted that the path to equally shared security required the grunt work we had been engaged in. We were becoming familiar with the dark feminine realms we found ourselves in.  It truly was heavy and the invitation was there for us to unlock and work with that Magical Child within who knows how to see and experience beauty in the ugliest of places…


Now we start to see where the path of false sentimentality and wastefulness leads. We see the path we are still traversing requires us to face our impatience with the natural cycles of life, and separation from them using the mind. We see the mind’s ability to separate, categorize, label and judge in its ultimate expression; the Ruin we are seeing in a society built on these premises. No, a new idea is needed. A new inspiration. A eureka moment is on the way and it promises and contains a new set of beliefs and ideas. We are on a path of rebirth of our mental world of attitudes and beliefs.


Our minds appear collectively comfortable with contradictory narratives in the ether. This is a very healthy place for us to be in with respect to the vast volume of information surrounding us. Intellectually, we don’t really appear confused. Nor are we decided. It’s still an evaluation phase without commitment. A strategy is being formulated, and for it to be accurate, one needs to see all sides of the story. This will be easy for us over the coming three weeks.


Perhaps it is the vast amount of information we’re exposed to that is distorting our understanding of our personal selves. Currently, we don’t really see the truth of who we are as individuals – our weaknesses and strengths – in an honest and balanced way. Perhaps we are judging ourselves too harshly and doing ourselves, and by extension others, a disservice in the process. As we unjustly view ourselves, we create the same dynamic in our 3D reality, especially when the throat chakra is involved as it is the house of our creative intent and strategy in the world.

There is also a sense of injustice that cannot be uttered at present. It is to this that external injustice will attach itself…

The image here is of stale air that needs to be cleared quickly and suddenly. That can only happen if we are focused on right action. There is an invitation here to review one’s personal ethics and pick one or several to focus on in the coming 3 weeks. If you find you had been acting out of alignment with your ethics, you are encouraged to decisively act on rectifying the situation. First within. Always, first within. The rest naturally follows.

If you sense injustice in your environment, look to what buttons it is pressing within you. Is it the victim button? Is it the rebel’s button? Are you potentially acting in a similar way to the injustice you perceive is being handed to you? (perhaps in another area of your life, and in a different form). You may not arrive at a clear answer to any of these questions. The process of self reflection in and of itself may illumine you in previously unimagined ways…



I’ve been so encouraged the last few readings by how our collective heart has been coping with reality at this point. This is not to say that things had been easy, far from it. It is to say that even in the midst of all this turmoil, we are collectively determined to move forward from a new center of gravity – that of the heart. It is in the heart that we learn to respect all forms of life, all aspects of ourselves, all shapes and sizes and quality of people, and reconcile them all into one whole. Our experience of compassion develops only to the extent that we can see the necessity of each being to be exactly who and what they are in that very moment…

The determination we have to move forward in this way of compassion comes at a time when we face the death of old emotional patterns or relationships (see Sacral chakra below).

I suspect that most of the time most people relate to the world through the primary instinctual centers (base, sacral and solar plexus). There is a new path opening, one of relating to the world in a new and more inclusive form. Perhaps it is through this that we will have the Eurkea moment that will lead to an evolution of our beliefs and thoughts.


The solar plexus manages our actions in everyday reality and what we are actually doing in the world. Currently we are making too many compromises and failing to act, apparently hostage to deceit, cunning and betrayal. This is largely due to what at best is a philosophical position completely out of touch with reality, or at worst totally irrational behavior. For the last two readings (~ 2 months) we had been focused on dealing with our emotional and physical stability (feminine realms of experience). Now we are faced with the shadow masculine quality of inaction due to imbalanced thinking that is removed from the nuts and bolts of reality.

There is much in the shadows here… And it is easy to deceive ourselves and be deceived by others into inaction. It appears that the masculine principle within is accepting inactivity from a desire of luxury and maintaining the status quo.

Unfortunately, a big earthquake is coming to shock the masculine into action. I see this coming in the week of the 18th to the 25th of October. There are some things that can only be moved this way, and “inaction” is one of them…

It may feel like utter destruction, but rest assured that what is being destroyed are old structures that had hitherto bound you in stasis.


Once again I’m excited by how much we’ve achieved over the last couple of months! We cleared a whole bunch of stagnant energy and learnt to stabilize our emotions through wise use of the mind, and channeling its focus effectively.

Perhaps that relative emotional stability we achieved in the midst of these storms allowed us to now come to a mature relationship with the cycles of life… which include death. One cannot exist without the other. We understand that now at such an instinctive level that we willingly offer Death that which has come to the end of its time.

We face death with open eyes, fearlessly, and let go of the decay. And so we are released from the death that stalks us by releasing what attracted it in the first place…

This is a powerful position for the Death Card that will allow us to transform our consciousness, awareness, ways of relating to others in new and creative ways.


I chuckled when the Empress card appeared again at the Root Chakra, albeit ill dignified (upside down). The home of our stability and connection to the feminine aspects of of our nature is still a little distorted. It is a primal fear that still holds sway over our stability.

I feel that we will come face to face with that fear by the end of this week  and leading into the next one (see Solar plexus above).

Overcoming this primal fear will free us from the stranglehold on the masculine AND allow us to finally feel free. Perhaps that will be the freedom to follow the new path to be revealed by the end of the coming three weeks. Perhaps it will simply be the freedom to explore new ways  of living or being. Whatever it is, it will feel liberating and a welcome warmth after a long trek in the dark.

Tales from other dimensions…

I stood at the threshold of madness staring into the deep darkness. Except it wasn’t entirely dark. A gigantic and terrifying spider came towards me, its intent obvious. Fear overtook me. Power responded. Except it wasn’t power. It was just strength, raw effort. I blocked the darkness and put a healthy distance between us, even erected a clear wall.  It can’t get through now.

For some reason, I grew sad. Feeling incomplete. The Spider across the clear wall attacked it violently. I couldn’t even rejoice in my apparent safety from the poor demented creature.

As I sat there an emptiness appeared, a vast chasm within. All this effort to block it out. And for what?

In the distance, I saw a black Jaguar, or perhaps a Puma, taking shape in the darkness. First its piercing eyes. Then its face. Then its body. The majestic creature was tattooed in lines of subtle light, pinks and purples, white and greens and blues. All of them crisp and sharp, like they were new… She gently walked to me and sat beside me. I grew more comfortable with the great cat, to which she responded by slowly merging with me.

The walls melted, and darkness and light met at the other’s edge forming a line of infinite subtlety. There they danced, eventually resting in their natural place, still. Walls were not needed. Walls were too crude a device.

And into the tunnels of the great Spider Jaguar took me. There was fear, but surrender at the same time. The giant spider looked on from above. I doubted I could even read the creature in the first place… Was it really out to get me?

So I stood in front of the Spider in the darkness, the thing I feared most. And I saw that it wanted nothing other than what it was due. All that I held on to so dearly long after it had died, was what she demanded.

Why was I carrying all that death anyway? I thought the walls I was building were to keep the darkness out … when in reality all the walls achieved was to keep the death I carried within.

Silly rabbit…

So I gave the Great Spider her dues. Of the death I carried, she made the most elaborate of tunnels, recycling it into something new. Something different. Perhaps not beautiful in the traditional sense, but in its own way, and for its place and purpose, whatever the hell that is…

My respect and admiration did not go unnoticed by the Great Spider, I felt. We came to an understanding. I will give her what has died and so reclaim that space that death had previously occupied. This is the act of being in the light. It has nothing to do with fighting darkness…

The Rainbow jaguar was done with me. A peace accord was struck with the darkness. I could return to balance as I learnt to honor the ways beyond death.

Weekly Themes


Week 1 – After recent revelations of deception (see week 5, previous reading) and important information coming to light, we come back to our safe spaces, our inner castles and look to our own defenses.

Week 2 – An event that will shock us at the material level is forecast. A sense of worry about our material safety pervades.

Week 3 –This feels like a spiritual period where we will need to go within and face the fears elicited last week (see also Solar plexus above). It is only through spiritual guidance, or wisdom if you like, that we can master these fears. It is best to direct the fire of action we will be feeling towards seeking inner guidance at this stage.


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  1. Kiki

    Considering I am currently in solitary confinement quarantine at home ~ this reading was very applicable to me. Sherif I think it was dr Charlie ward who mentioned that
    his close friend an expert in forecasting predicted something to do with death & an event in Oct ~ something damn big and quite dark. Have you heard about this? It was a matter of hold on to your hats in Oct?! Are the cards that dramatic reallly????!!

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