Havva Omerogullari

Shamanic Energy Medicine

This is My Story

I was born into a lineage of Turkic spiritual healers, seers, and scholars. I experienced my lineage healer’s crisis trial at the age of 7 after surviving a NDE (Near death experience), which was set into play to remind my soul of the dream time. Growing up, I had a deep interest in dreams and extra sensory perception to help me make sense of my own experiences. This led me to studying and working in the field of psychiatry for over 2 decades; my aim was to understand suffering . Over time, I felt this framework of reality didn’t go far enough. I had a deep yearning to unravel it on a soul level. So, I followed my ancestors’ calls to go deep into the dreamtime to explore the invisible realms of existence, experiencing a nonphysical soul death and the trials of samsara.

During this phase I experienced intense psychic phenomena, a spiritual emergency, a dark night of the soul, leading me to question reality both visible and invisible.

I spent over a decade studying alternative health and esoteric based modalities, traveling the invisible realms of the underworlds, the upper worlds, healing, channeling ancient masters’ wisdom, being taught and trained by my Turkic ancestor spirits and my celestial guides. I learned to heal, to nurture and connect to the divinity within all beings. To see the invisible in the visible and how it is all connected to the great mystery was truly an awakening, a blessing, and a gift.

So I accepted the healer’s path, knowing in my heart that it is my dharma to share my blessings, and gifts of healing and divination with souls that feel drawn to the energy I carry. I am here to help them achieve their dreams, their longings, to understand their life and to live in peace and harmony.

I have been blessed to observe transformations and new beginnings from my offerings. I would be honoured to be of service to you on your life’s journey as you restore, realign and re imagine your life on all levels – soul, mental, emotional and cellular.

Love, Light and gratitude!

Havva is available for Pellowah healing and Energy reading

Haava Omerogullari

Modalities, Training and Qualifications

  • Pellowah energy healing level 1&2
  • Shamanic Journeying for healing and guidance levels 1&2 with Sandra Ingerman
  • Activated women- sacred feminine and priestess empowerment workshops- Sofia Sundari
  • Medium and psychic training and workshop’s with Spirit careers
  • Usui Shiki Rhoyo level 1, 2 and 3 Reiki Master and Teacher
  • Chakra prana vinyasa-liberating the body mandala through prana flow Yoga teacher training with Shiva Rea
  • YB12 Life coaching
  • Diploma of Meditation and hatha yoga teacher training (Gita international)
  • Crystal dreaming practitioner- Past life regression, release of cellular memory, negative energy and entities.
  • Bachelor of health science Naturopathy
  • Diploma of Transpersonal Counselling
  • Graduate Diploma of Pharmaceutical sales
  • Graduate Diploma in mental health
  • Bachelor of applied science Nursing