Elizabeth Toumbos

Shamanic Energy Medicine

This is My Story

My path into shamanism was sparked through an inexplicable event during a massage therapy session and I haven’t looked back since. 

In my former life as a chocolatier and pastry chef business owner, my body felt the impact from long hours of work. One day, during a massage, I was caught off guard and jolted into an experience that changed me forever.

As the tight pressure points in my chest and heart region were released, my body exploded into intense tremors. A surge of energy deep within twitched throughout my body. The tremors continued intermittently for 18 months. 

The doctor assumed it was Parkinson’s and sent me to the neurologist, but this wasn’t the case. “Was I was having a complete breakdown?” I thought. Deep down, a part of me knew I was being called to awaken. 

During one of my meditations, I received a message from Spirit to seek guidance from a Shaman. That was when I found my way to Sherif, the Founder of Soul Therapies, and I am forever grateful to him for helping me put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Stepping into the path of shamanism was my coming home. For as long as I could remember, I didn’t feel safe. I felt like I didn’t belong on this planet, and certainly not in my own skin. I buried myself in my work to conceal my past and it eventually caught up with me.

Through shamanic healing I was able to heal the PTSD from sexual abuse during my childhood. As a child, I felt like a spectator watching in with one foot in and the other foot out. I believed myself to be so undeserving of the right to exist that I developed bulimia. Life was so painfully out of my control that the only respite was searching for that morsel of peace that came right after a purge. 

For many years, I stuttered and allowed others to walk all over me. The shamanic path helped me to restore my voice so that I can stand in my authentic power. Through powerful ceremonies with Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon, Father Sun and all expressions of Great Spirit, a bond was restored with my soul. I was able to set healthier boundaries for myself. And in turn, I started to trust in myself and others again.

I have witnessed the many ups and downs of life. And through it all, I discovered that I wasn’t meant to run from the past. All of my shadows were meant to be embraced and used as compost to fertilise the powerful woman that I am now. 

As a trained Four Winds Shamanic Energy Medicine practitioner and one who walks the path of the Ñusta Andean Priestesses, I am passionate about working with women who are ready to step into their power. 

My name is Elizabeth Toumbos, and my soul purpose is to serve as an Earthkeeper and Priestess of the Womb. I am here as your guide to help you heal all the various aspects of YOU, so that you can live a life of impeccable Truth, unwavering Trust and an all-expansive Love.

Elizabeth Toumbos

Shamanic Energy Medicine

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