Core Shamanism II

February, 2019
‘In the beginning was the word’ (the vibrational force of creation)
Your voice is a portal to your life force. If your voice were a limb it would be the most powerful one you have. Your word can influence people on the other side of the planet. All matter in the universe is made up of vibrating energy fields, that is; sound and light. Your voice can tune you into accessing these energy fields in order to intentionally create on this plane of reality.

Using embodied vocal techniques and traditional shamanic approaches, we will be exploring each chakra as a portal into the successive layers of human existence. This intentional use of voice allows for powerful clearing of the chakras, and subsequent manifestation of the soul’s desires in the here and now.

This one day journey includes

* Vocal techniques to awaken the chakras
* Identifying old imprints that challenge your expression and power
* Working with the inner critic
* Shamanic journeys to retrieve lost power
* Embodiment exercises

The tools you gain will sharpen your intent by cutting through the background noise and to your truth.

This workshop is best suited to those with some experience in shamanic modalities, ideally for those who’ve attended my earlier workshops.

The investment in this workshop is $335 per person.

A non-refundable deposit of $150 is required by Friday, 5th of October to secure your spot.

Vegetarian catering, healthy snacks and beverages will be provided (included in the price) for the whole day.

Please refrain from drinking alcohol or eating animal/bird meat (seafood is OK) for AT LEAST 3 full days prior to the workshop. This will allow you to achieve deeper healing.

Set a clear intention for the workshop. Summarise it in 3 words if you can and bring them with you on the day. This will focus your energy and allow the circle we create